First User Services Platform “Plugfest”

A “plugfest”, also known as a “hackfest” in the software community, is a live event where engineers building solutions for a given protocol interact with each other to vet the protocol and build interoperable solutions.


The first Broadband Forum USP plugfest will be held in Austin, TX from February 20-22, 2018.


AT&T Offices in Austin, TX Room 220 9505 Arboretum Blvd Austin, TX 78759


This plugfest is available to members of the Broadband Forum. Full details on registration and participants can be found here (requires login).

What will be tested?

The first plugfest will focus on the USP Discovery process, authentication and authorization, message interoperability, and use cases such as firmware updates of the device represented by a USP Agent.

Data Model Profiles for the Plugfest

The BBF has identified the set of objects, parameters, commands, and notifications to be tested at the plugfest. This set represents a baseline level of functionality for USP in order to build interoperable endpoints. These profiles include:

If you are using tools that utilize these profiles, the profiles are unified under the DRAFT:1 Profile.


The following resources are accessible to Broadband Forum members:


Who makes the User Services Platform?

USP is developed by the Broadband Forum, an international standards organization of network service providers/MSOs, end user device manufacturers, government and university organizations, and test laboratories. It is developed in the “Broadband User Services” Work Area.

How can I contribute?

Feedback and questions can always be given via GitHub. Due to the standards process adopted by the Broadband Forum, a contributing Broadband Forum member must adopt suggested changes and present them to the Forum as a contribution from their company. An even easier way is to become a member and contribute directly. The Broadband Forum has membership levels for large businesses, small businesses, and individuals.